Daiana Menezes’ sister, Laura Menezes, just arrived in the Philippines and is here to stay!

Daiana Menezes, our local Brazilian model, actress, tv host, and now Youtuber, recently brought her sister to the Philippines and convinced her to stay for good. We might not know a lot about her yet, but one thing for certain is that these two sisters definitely come from the same lucky gene pool.

It was in an interview with Showbiz Pamore Tonite that Daiana announced Laura would be moving to the Philippines. She said:

My sister is moving from Brazil to the Philippines for the first time. And she wants to live in the Philippines. So I’m looking a place for her in Makati. Kasi ang ano ko…I want her to feel the Philippines the way I felt, the first time I came here.

She also shared that it was actually her idea for Laura to come here to stay and work. Their family initially wanted Laura to go to the United States to learn English but Daiana sold them all on the idea of Manila. She explains:

So, sabi ko sa kanya, kung US, dito na lang, at least nandito ako. Umoo naman siya. Sabi niya, gusto kong tumira sa Makati. “Paano mo nalaman ‘yung Makati? “Ginoogle ko!”

[So I told her, if you’re going to the US to learn english, you might as well come here instead, at least I’m here. She said yes. She said she wants to live in Makati. I asked “how do you know about Makati?” and she said “I googled it!”]

Although she only moved here in January, it looks like Laura has already found her footing:

Do you think she should get into showbiz like her sister? 


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