Dada Clothing Line Releases Summer Artanks (art + tanks)

Dada Clothing Line Releases Summer Artanks (art + tanks)

z summertime

Dada’s Summer Time is a photo composite design of actual flowers and ferns carefully handpicked and photographed for this artank (art+tank)


We are an aspiring graphic tank design duo whose main goal is to make artworks relatable and inexpensive to young-driven Filipinos outside their usual environment (galleries, museums, catwalks, prints) through something that they can easily own and wear.


Dada is a new clothing line owned by graphic ninjas who envision a community of people who can learn and be inspired by artworks through wearable Artanks (art+tanks).

 z gladiator2


This summer, Dada launched a limited edition 6-piece collection from renowned conceptual photographer Niccolo Cosme and visual artist Row Sy. Tank tops are synonymous to the Philippines since we are a tropical country and, moreover, we want to change the idea that tank tops are just for the beach; our tank tops can be worn on other occasions, as well.


Collaborations: We believe that collaboration is the future! We admire Filipino art and craftsmanship. We are known to be the best in the world, and the world celebrates that!
But we have to understand that not everybody will get the chance to own these magnificent artworks, and this is where Dada comes in! We collaborate with artists, capture their artworks, and print them on tank tops using a state-of-the-art full fabric printing that can showcase the artworks both front and back.

 z envy


Dada’s next collection will have awesome collaborations with different artists, such as celebrity designer Francis Libiran, award-winning visual artist Nasser Lubay, and accessory designer extraordinaire Joyce Makitalo, to name a few.

 z horizon 

Horizon is a photo composite design of a famous active volcano found in the islands of the Philippines.

z gladiator1  z barcelona 

A moment captured in Barcelona, Spain in the spring of 2012 and recreated for Dada, hence it’s name Barcelona.




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Dada Clothing Line Releases Summer Artanks (art + tanks)