Dad weaves school bag for son because he can’t afford to buy one

We have this saying in Filipino about parents – “isusubo na lang, ibibigay pa sa anak.” (Rough translation: instead of eating it, they would rather give it to their children)

This goes the same way not only with food but with other necessities as well.

Take for instance this dad from Cambodia. He can’t afford to buy a school bag for his son so he weaves one.

He made it using raffia strings.

The personally woven school bag was made complete with two black straps and a buckle to secure the front flap.

dad weave bag raffia strings 1 dad weave bag raffia strings 2

It’s really functional. It can fit several books inside. It also seems sturdy enough for everyday use.

dad weave bag raffia strings 3

Based on the quality of the bag, it looks like the dad really poured in a lot of effort into creating it.

It is a masterpiece that the son can be proud of bringing to school daily.

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