Dad tapes playful daughter on floor so he can work from home in peace

Most people are working from home due to the lockdown being enforced by the government to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

However, there are lots of challenges that can come along with working from home.

For instance, setting personal boundaries can be difficult. If you aren’t used to this setup, you may find it difficult to distinguish between work time and personal time. This usually leads to burn out.

Meanwhile, people with kids also face other challenges. Some children can be too playfully and unruly especially when they see their parents around.

So, one dad from Thailand figured out a solution with his work from home concern, according to SinChew Daily.

dad tapes daughter work from home

Photo from Facebook via SinChew Daily

The photos were shared on Facebook. It can be seen in the photos that there is a mess of toys and an overturned chair in the room while the child lies in the middle of it. She is kept in place using a clear adhesive tape while a pillow is placed on her as a cushion.

The dad can be seen in background working on his computer.

“Mum is cooking, dad is working, daughter is lying in the living room,” her mother wrote in her post.

The young girl looked quite contented with the arrangement if her expression is anything to go by.

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