Cydel Gabutero’s Cover of Anak is Now One of My Favorite Renditions of the Song

“Anak” is one of the most well-known Filipino songs out there – one that you will hear Filipinos play all around the world. Growing up, no matter how much my family had to move countries, “Anak” was that song that helped me connect to my Filipino roots. I didn’t understand much of it at the time, but the melody still resonated with me as much as the entire song resonates with me today.

“Anak” is a hard song to get right, though. I don’t know about you, but the important thing for me when it comes to “Anak” is to get the listeners to feel the song rather than just hear it. I don’t really know how to explain it better, but Cydel Gabutero definitely go it spot on with her rendition of the song.

If you haven’t heard her sing it yet, you need to do that right now:

Well, what did you think? Amazing, huh? What’s your favorite rendition of “Anak”? Share the link with us, so we can enjoy it, too!