Cyborg Beetles Could Help Search For Disaster Victims

This could very well be the future of disaster rescue operations.

cyborg beetle

Photo Credit: The Independent UK

Scientists at a laboratory in Singapore are hard at work developing the cyborg beetle, one of key search and rescue tools being developed to improve rescue operations in times of disaster, according to a report by The Star Malaysia.

According to the report, researchers are perfecting a technology that allows them to control the movements of the cyborg beetle in flight, thanks to a wireless receiver that picks up signals to activate nanowires,  stimulating a small muscle in its wing. It is this small muscle that is reportedly crucial to the insect’s precise maneuvers.

The development of the cyborg beetle could reportedly aid in search and rescue operations and possibly save more lives, as they can navigate in disaster zones where it’s too dangerous for humans to operate, and look for survivors.

Currently, the researchers are studying control over the beetles with stimulation to both brain and muscles, a combination that could potentially be used to develop better tools for saving lives during natural disasters.

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