CUTE: This adorable goat was spotted at a mall in Makati!

It’s a typical day at the mall to get charmed by the pets we see strolling with their owners, such as our pawsome and purrfect pals!

But what are the odds of seeing a goat?

Just today at a high-end mall in Makati, James Go spotted a goat – yes, you read right, a goat.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Go for further details.

I was leaving the mall around 11:30 am when there was this guy with a dog on a leash walking in, behind the dog is the goat in the photo. The goat was just following the dog, the guards didn’t seem to mind and I thought that was pretty cool. The goat stopped by, then [I guess] the guy it was with was the owner, he was calling the goat.. that’s why everyone had their heads turned. The goat went to the guy, carried the goat and put the leash on it. It was pretty adorable and random at the same time. Haha!


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Disclaimer: does not own the photo above. Credits go to James Go.