CUTE: Leonardo DiCaprio Jokes About Not Winning an Oscar Before

CUTE Leonardo DiCaprio Jokes About Not Winning an Oscar Before

The world rejoiced yesterday (Philippine time) when Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar for Best Actor, after being nominated five times since 1993 and starring in high-profile films. For many, it wasn’t a surprise as DiCaprio endured harsh conditions for the Alejandro G. Iñárritu film The Revenant, such as eating bison liver (even if he’s a vegetarian), sleeping in an animal carcass, and going in and out of frozen rivers.

His Best Actor win at the Academy Awards follows a string of Best Actor awards for his role as real-life fur trapper Hugh Glass, who must survive a vicious winter after he was left for dead by his hunting team. Since awards season, DiCaprio has bagged 26 Best Actor awards for The Revenant, and his Oscar is his crowning glory, killing a long-running Internet meme.

DiCaprio referenced the joke at the Governors Ball after party, when he’s waiting to have his Oscar engraved with his name. At the counter, he asks the engraver, “Do you do this every year? I wouldn’t know.”

Watch the video below:

Oh, Leo. You’ve been a winner in our hearts since you played Arnie in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. And when you died in Titanic, our heart sank with you.

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