CUTE: Hugot and Banat Lines from Rescued Pets

Hugot and banat lines by rescued pets are flooding the Internet. Who would have known these adorable fur babies had such poetry inside them?

Here, check them out:

Banat ni trigger - Bagay Tayo - CARA - animal welfare in the Philippines - how to adopt a pet

Hugot ni Chaka - CARA Welfare Philippines - animal welfare - how to a cat

Hugot ni Panda

Hugot ni Softie

Banat ni trigger

Art by Raechell Rivera | Photography by Petograpiya


Can you relate? Maybe you should get together for some lifetime sharing of each others’ hugot and banat?

Who knows, #onemorechance / #itmightbeyou is just a phone call away.

Call at  +632 5323340 or 0919 5790047.

There are more hugot and banat lines from Check them out!

Feel free to share these posters! Please use hashtags #banatnicat, #HugotNiPapi, #HugotNiMuning, and #AdoptDontShop.

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