Here’s Where You Can Customize Your Very Own Ramyun!

Predictably, the rainy season is that of a love-hate situation for most. You can either love the cuddle weather vibes as you bust out your favorite hoodies for some fashionable layering or absolutely loathe the need for rain boots and carrying around an umbrella everywhere, in fear of the rain-drenched situation you’ll inevitably find yourself in.

For someone who falls into the category of the former, I relish in my #TitaVibes and cherish the season to its maximum capacity. I suit up with my trusty Doc Martens and begin my quest for some trusted comfort food.

Tired of the usual lines and steep prices of the usual ramen places found in the Metro, I came across this quaint restaurant in Malate.

Without the clearly visible signage hanging outside, you might just miss this restaurant, but I’m sure glad I didn’t.

As soon as you enter the establishment, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported into one of the bustling streets of Tokyo, complemented by the styling of the interior that’s patterned to popular earthy tones found in Japanese architecture.

My Own Ramen also features a make-your-own dish option that’s easy to understand and a heck of a lot of fun to fill up.

Should you need any help with ordering, there are clear signs to help you understand the workings of the establishment that is in a popular Japanese Do-it-Yourself fashion.

Their famous Tonkotsu broth is far from instant powder mixes commonly found in ramen restaurants. My Own Ramen’s broth is boiled for 16 hours and includes absolutely no preservatives. As much as possible, they make all their ingredients in-house, even their coveted chili paste.

If you don’t want to customize your own dish, consider ordering a few of their classic menu offerings instead.

This is the Basic Tonkotsu (Php250) / Chef’s Recommended Tonkotsu (Php300) that comes with their handcrafted noodles and Chasu Pork Slices topped with chili, black garlic oil and a perfectly cooked Tamago egg. It’s simply everything you would want your ramen to taste like, except EVEN better. The black garlic oil brings a vibrant yet subtle taste to the dish that makes it stand out.

This mouth-watering bowl of ramen is called the Shoyu Ramen (Php260). It comes with Seafood (Salmon Head and Clam) and Chicken Broth that was boiled for six hours, the same handcrafted noodles and Chasu pork slices again topped with Tamago egg and a splash of truffle oil. The truffle oil really adds a splash of luxury into this bowl and perfectly coincides with the saltiness of the seafood broth. Definitely a must-try!

Last but not least, the Miso Ramen (Php260) is pretty similar to the Shoyu Ramen. It offers the same handcrafted noodles, Chasu pork slices, and Tamago Egg. The only key difference is that it uses chicken and pork broth instead of the seafood and chicken broth. If you don’t necessarily enjoy the saltiness of seafood, give this Miso Ramen a try instead!

Still craving for more? Under the recommendation and creation of My Own Ramen’s Headchef, Mikee Yu, you should check out their affordable 100-peso wagyu cubes! You won’t be disappointed as you bite into the tender meat glazed with My Own Ramen’s special house made wagyu sauce that is the blissful blend of sweet and salty that’ll make you order at least another serving!

What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and check out this hidden gem in Malate, Manila!

My Own Ramen

1751 A. Mabini Street, Malate



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