Customer Service Gone Wrong: Tour Company Offends Customer

A netizen, who would prefer to remain anonymous, recently sent in a few screenshots of a horror story involving a tour company’s customer service ‘skills’. She shares that she recently simply inquired about the inclusions of the tour and this is how they responded to her:

bad customer service

Customer: Does the tour include —–? Sorry, I can’t see your ad. The text is too small. Thanks!

Tour company: Most people use common sense and download the picture to see it clearly, and yes, it does include —– for both premium and VIP packages.

Customer: Oh, I’m sorry for not having common sense ha. Anyway, wag na lang. [Translation: Never mind.] I hope you improve on your customer service next time.

Tour company: Clearly. Otherwise, you’d know I wasn’t being insulting. I was stating a simple truth.

Pretty harsh, huh? Well, the customer was definitely offended – so much so that she decided to tell some of her friends about her experience afterwards and her friends then decided to rate the tour company with bad customer service. That’s when things got even worse and the tour company threatened to sue her:

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Tour company: You’re going to tell them to stop the commenting and reviewing. Otherwise, it’s you who’s going to end up in court and I guarantee you will lose badly.

Customer: You don’t have to threaten me.

Tour company: And you don’t start a fight with someone who can afford an attorney.

What do you think of this exchange? Do you think the tour company’s initial replies were just lost in translation (maybe they just failed to use the necessary emoticons and smileys? #benefitofthedoubt) or did they deserve the bad ratings for customer service? On another note, would you ever band together with your friends or boycott anything because of poor customer service?

If you have any funny or rude customer service stories to share, feel free to share them with us!

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