Customer Asked to Pay Penalty for Wet Parking Ticket Soaked from Rain

Customer Asked to Pay Penalty for Wet Parking Ticket Soaked from Rain 


A distraught mall-goer aired their frustrations about a mall’s parking policies on social media. Apparently, after having to run through the rain to get to their car in an open parking lot, the guards asked them to pay a penalty / fine since their parking ticket got soaked in the rain. 

Check out their full story below:

SM Jazz Parking Ticket Penalty for Rain

Wet parking ticket story by Giancarlo H.
We stopped by the Hypermarket at SM Jazz tonight for a few things when it began pouring buckets.
I had to retrieve my car from the open, uncovered parking lot at the height of the rain. Everything got soaked, including the paper parking ticket I carried.

As I handed over the ticket and parking fee at the exit, the guard said my wet ticket was considered damaged and I had to pay a penalty. I said it was unreasonable for them to penalize a customer who walked across the parking area in this weather. He radioed his superior and asked us to wait.

A queue was forming behind us so I volunteered to move the car to the side to let the others pass. The guard allowed it but stood firmly and directly in front our vehicle, as if I were intending to drive away.

After a few minutes of waiting in the rain that continued to fall, I honked my horn and asked what was happening. He left, and returned with a form instructing me to “write a statement” to explain why my ticket was wet and why I should not pay the full penalty. 

Soaked and frustrated, I left my car and barged into the manager’s office to ask why they would treat their customers this way. The manager said he would take care of the issue, but not before asking whether I had actually shopped there. He apologized, and assured us that they would sort out the matter themselves. I thanked him and walked back to my car.

As we finally exited, the guard told me I was still to pay for the first two hours. 

All this happened while my three year old and his yaya waited in the car.

I will be shopping elsewhere from now on. 

I’m not asking you to boycott SM Hypermart. I’m just asking you to keep your parking tickets dry.



 What do you think of this story? 

Do you think the mall’s policy is fair? 


Customer Asked to Pay Penalty for Wet Parking Ticket Soaked from Rain 

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