Custom Tailor Fitted Suits in the Philippines for your Bespoke Suit Needs: How to Dress for Success

 Custom Tailor Fitted  Suits in the Philippines for your Bespoke Suit Needs: How to Dress for Success

Everyone should own at least one bespoke suit. 

It’s that one suit for that important meeting. That one suit for that for that career-changing presentation. That one suit for that TV interview. That one suit for you put on to know you’re dressed for success!

A bespoke suit is the highest quality suit where the master tailor has a hand in every step of the suit-making process, from the early measurements, to the final fitting.  This level of craftsmanship is usually only in the upscale tailor shops of Italy or Dubai, but now, it’s here in the Philippines.

The master tailor at Tiño Suits in Makati is one of legendary caliber. He has been making suits for over 30 years! Not to mention, he actually went to   Italy to study his craft at a school that made suits for James Bond movies! 

For this new bespoke suit of mine, I needed something to impress the top brass and CEOs of many different corporations and institutions as I was hosting the Entrepreneur Success Summit. There was going to be a room full of important people, as well as an eager crowd of young businessment, knowlege-hungry students and the ever watchful media outlets. So I knew I needed to be dressed for success! 

There’s only one place I trust for my custom tailored suits in the Philippines, so I headed over to Tiño Suits in Makati. 


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I had my measurements taken from my previous fittings with them, so they were already able to draft a skeleton for me. It already looked good! I could tell from the fabric and from the minor details that they had spent a lot of time manually crafting this for a perfect fit. I was eager to try it on. 

The price for your suit will really depend on many different factors, including the fabric and materials you choose. Best to schedule a fitting with them to get their rates. For a bespoke suit, they are the most affordable that we could find. At least 10k lower than other bespoke suit places we’ve found in the Philippines. 





And of course, it did not disappoint. The fit, the feel, the everything about it was made just for me! Every little thread was tailored specifically for my unique shape and size. 

After a few days (it was a rush job), I went in for the final fitting, but there were still minor adjustments needed. So they gladly made the small tweaks for a perfect body snug, then they delivered my new baby straight to my house as I was not able to come back to their store before my big event. 

I couldn’t wait to show it off at the event. 









Needless to say, I was more than happy, and everyone was more than impressed with the bespoke suit I had on. It was perfect for this presentation where I was in front of over a dozen VIPs and CEOs, as well as hundreds of audience members. 

This was the perfect suit for this professional occasion, and what makes this suit even more special is that it’s also a perfect suit for other occasions, like the big wedding reception I had that evening. Even my date loved my new bespoke suit. 

New suits nowadays, and the new style nowadays, are really tight fit. I specifically requested it that way and they delivered according to what I had specified. Of course, if you’re more for the old school styles, you’re more than welcome to ask for that as this is a custom made suit, fit for what you like personally. 




So when looking for a great quality bespoke suit here in the Philippines, you need to get a fitting from the master crafters at Tiño Bespoke Suits Philippines. There real easy to find right in Makati, near Greenbelt 1. 



Tiño Suits Philippines

First-class service of made-to-order and made-to-measure business and formal men’s clothing 

114 Grnd Flr., Herco Center, Benavidez St. Legaspi Village, 1740 Makati Philippines

Near Greenbelt 1 

Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Sat: 10:00 am – 6:30 pm 

632-7827160 ; 5111274 


Custom Tailored Suits in the Philippines for your Bespoke Suit: How to Dress for Success

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