Curtismith Combines Technology, Music, and Art to Launch His New Album “Museo”

Using chill beats, clear imagery, and thought-provoking poetry, Curtismith visually showcased different perspectives of his songs by collaborating with visual artists in the Pintô Art Museum. Filipino artists have created art pieces based on their interpretation of the song lyrics in the Museo album.

Curtismith Museo 1

The featured visual artists include Anna Bautista, Argie Bandoy, Auggie Fontanilla, Bea Nazareno, Cris Villanueva Jr., Candice Arellano, Dex Fernandez, Duane Villaneuva, Ferdie Montemayor, Jono Pisano, Jeona Zulueta, King Puentespina, Pogs Samson, Ranelle Dial, Romeo Lee, Reg Yuson, and Sandra Fabie-Gfeller.

The recent event that lasted almost the entire month of July, aimed to satisfy both the visual and auditory senses of the visitors by encouraging them to listen to the music from Curtismith’s album tracks while viewing the art exhibits around the museum. H-Audio Technologies, an international audio company founded by a Filipino, provided their limited edition PH3 and Replay wireless headphones to help event-goers experience the album on a different level.

Curtismith Museo 2

Curtismith Museo 3

Throughout the three-week event, H-Audio’s PH3 Active Noise Cancelling headphones allowed the visitors to immerse themselves in the music and artwork without any distractions from their surroundings. H-Audio’s Replay headphones were also available for the people who prefer a comfortable and lightweight fit to accompany them throughout the one-of-a-kind experience at the museum.

Curtismith Museo 4

Curtismith Museo 5

The idea elevated how we consume art and music by stimulating our visual and auditory senses all at once. It also created a stepping stone in highlighting the harmonious relationship between Filipino music and art by uplifting each entity.

“I truly believed it was a brilliant way to launch the album themed towards its branding and essence. There was no way we would have not supported this event. I’m not only impressed with the creativity of how Mito (Curtismith) packaged everything creatively for the launch, but also at the sudden obvious growth of his wordplay and artistry. I think it’s such a great album.”, Says Marcelle “H” Marcelino, the founder of H-Audio Technologies. As a pioneer of the very 1st All Hip-Hop radio station (Power 108fm), producer of the Philippine Hip-Hop Awards, and responsible for programming Wave 89.1fm to a full-on 100% Hip-Hop urban station as station manager/program director, we take his word for it when he says the album is beyond just good!

Don’t miss out on new music and listen to Curtismith’s new album, Museo, on Spotify.


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