Cupcake Conspiracy – Bacon Love!

When in Manila, who doesn’t love bacon? Except of course for the health conscious and vegans, I think it’s safe to say that people, at least once in their lifetime, went gaga over this honey cured mana from heaven. Some people just like them everywhere – be it with rice, pancakes, bread, everything! I even know of a bakeshop that sells chocochip bacon cookies. Hashtag crave, hashtag drool. Yeah?

Imagine the brilliance of Cupcake Conspiracy when they have created bacon more convenient for everyone. See, preparing bacon is no joke. You have to get it from the grocery, cook it, and then cook it again if you want to add it to whatever you’re eating. But Cupcake Conspiracy has spread the love more thin when they came up with their bacon line – bacon butter, bacon Parmesan  and last but not the least, bacon jam. Aaaaaahh!!


I have tried all of the three and I can say these goods are pretty good. I love their bacon Parmesan the most. Partly because I eat with baked fries but mostly because, well, it’s bacon and cheese – two of my world’s most adored edibles.




Bottoms up!

When in Manila, go reward yourself with a jar or two of bacon products from Cupcake Conspiracy. Let’s just say that if ever you’re in a diet, it’s worth every calorie you take in.

Cupcake Conspiracy

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Cupcake Conspiracy – Bacon Love!

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