Cup Fiction: Fusing Literature, Fresh Coffee, and Comfort Food

Consider this equation: Cup Fiction = books + food + coffee + space. We can leave it at that and consider us sold. Fortunately, Cup Fiction is more than the equation.

Situated in the modest and less hectic side of Katipunan Avenue, Cup Fiction houses the living room of your dreams. Upon entrance, you are greeted by an expansive coffee counter and quirky furniture. On your left is a shelf that covers the entire wall – it kind of reminds you of the mini library you’ve always wanted to set up.

Cup Fiction

Truthfully, brilliant ideas don’t come out of thin air. When asked to describe Cup Fiction in a single sentence, co-owner Kris Roco shares: “Cup Fiction is an extended modern living room.” She furthers that it is a place where guests can feel warm and comfortable while drinking coffee, reading books, and listening to music.

The quaint library is a brainchild that comes from co-owners Saab Magalona-Bacarro and Jim Bacarro’s interest in reading. The collection does not only feature their personal favorite reads, but also provides shelf space for local authors and artists to market their work. Saab shares that it is their way of promoting the local industry.


As for the creation of the menu, the general idea is comfort food. Comically, some of the dishes in their menu are the co-owners’ respective comfort foods. Cup Fiction takes pride in their freshly-baked pastries and customized meat.

Cup Fiction, The Kerouac

The Kerouac: American Breakfast Skillet, P395 Good for sharing.

This dish makes you want to be a morning person and eat proper breafast. The Kerouac includes a sausage, corned beef, bacon steak, potatoes, and eggs.

Cup Fiction, The Dark Knight Rice

The Dark Knight Rice: Dark Malagos Chocolate Champorado, P245

In Cup Fiction, the usual tuyo is replaced with daing as champorado’s trusted pair and we think that’s beautiful.

Cup Fiction

Oliver’s Grilled Cheese, P250

Cup Fiction, Flat White

Flat White, P150

Outside the physical store, Cup Fiction also attracts interest online through their website where artists are provided with an online platform to share their writings and illustrations. This poses a challenge that involves the things a person can create in no more than a few cups of coffee.

Cup Fiction

If you love books and are attracted to unique offerings, make sure to check out Cup Fiction either in person or online!

Cup Fiction

141 Katipunan Ave, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila

10:00 AM – 10:00 PM



Instagram: @cupfictionph


Article by: Jayrene Cruz