Cuore: Dishing Out Hearty Italian Cuisine

When a barkada of working women open up a restaurant-cum-bar and tag it as a “social lounge”, you know you’ve got a good thing going. Literally translating to “heart” in Italian, Cuore is a bistro and social lounge that every female yuppie will call their local watering hole.



With speakeasies and specialty bars mushrooming everywhere these days in Metro Manila, many lean towards a masculine ambience, resembling a cigar room straight out of The Godfather – wood-paneled walling and dark leather seating abound. Replace that mannish vibe with a softer, more effeminate one with its dark lingers and urban sophistication and you’ve got Cuore’s backdrop for a good time.


With the day drinking atmosphere comes a collection of tweaked Italian favorites, all conceptualized by the same women, dishing out both indulgent comforts and healthy alternatives.

The start of a meal calls for aperitifs, and Cuore has a selection of curated cocktails crafted by their resident mixologist. For PG-13 versions, we recommend freshly prepared lemonade.

Our Phuket Sunsets (Php 310/ Php 470)

Succulent morsels of grilled prawns and tender smoked salmon are tossed in greens with a creamy balsamic dressing with shiitake mushrooms and shaved parmesan.


Sweet Dreams (Php 240)

A vegetarian option from their Brunch Menu, a delectable rosti (potato pancake) is generously topped with vegetables and feta cheese. Feeling carnivorous? They have an all-meat version, too!

Delightful You (Php 315/ Php 540)

Fusili pasta is tossed in creamy white sauce along with chunks of chicken and mushroom. The cream isn’t overpowering and is best paired with a piquant flavor – like a salad or a tomato-based pizza.


Fab Mama’s Fave (Php 330/ Php 560)

If cream seems too heavy, try their vegetable fusilli aglio olio. A hefty serving of broccoli, tomatoes and mushrooms are mixed with shrimp and topped with parmesan shavings. Don’t let the simplicity of the ingredients fool you. This packs a punch of flavor with each forkful.


Remember My Name (Php 560)

To cut the medley of veggies, go for a meat pizza like this one. A rich mushroom sauce acts as its base, going well with its roast beef, caramelized onions and alfalfa sprouts.


Love Me Tender (Php 360)

Overflowing with veggies, grilled chicken pesto and mozzarella, they don’t call it a dirty panini for nothing. Comes with a side of thick-cut fries and homemade pesto mayonnaise (yes, it’s made from scratch).


All My Love (Php 520)

Half a roasted chicken is drenched in a creamy mushroom and leek sauce, then served with either a garden salad or herbed rice. The dish is huge and can be shared by 3 people, or a famished loner.


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