CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mats: Technology In Yoga that Every Yogi Needs

CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mats: Technology In Yoga that Every Yogi Needs

Asana is one of the eight limbs of the holistic science known as Yoga. It focuses on physical postures, so the practitioner will gain health and lightness of being to live one’s life more fully and deeply. Yoga philosophy teaches that the body is sacred and should be treated as such, hence the emphasis on care for one’s physicality. Contemporary Hatha, which denotes the system of physical practices within Yoga, is one of the very few activities where only one piece of equipment is necessary: the Yoga mat. Over time, it has evolved from being just a piece of cloth to the functional companion of every Hatha Yogi.

CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mats

CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mat


In our present fast-paced, market-driven and digitally connected world, people have rediscovered the benefits of slowing down to catch one’s breath and practice Yoga, and Filipinos are no exception. Yoga in Manila is well established and students are increasing exponentially. With that in mind, it is a gift that CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mats are finally available in our country.

CUCA Eco-Care Yoga MatsCUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mats


CUCA, whose name is derived from Kuka, the Incan Goddess of happiness and well-being, was conceptualized and launched by Priscilla Aliwarga, a mathematician who, while working for one of the leading Life Insurance Companies in Jakarta, Indonesia, had an epiphany and decided to pursue Yoga teacher training. Now a full-time Yoga teacher registered under Yoga Alliance, she has not looked back and continues to improve the well-being of her students.

CUCA Eco-Care Yoga MatsCUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mat CEO, Priscilla Aliwarga


Practicing Yoga since 2002, Priscilla noticed that quality Yoga mats came at a steep price, while on the other end of the spectrum were very affordable mats that weren’t well-made and posed risking injury for users. She decided to develop a mat with safety and comfort of the yogi in mind and that came at a price more affordable than the branded mats from the West. CUCA mats are made for yogis by a yogi.

CUCA Eco-Care Yoga MatsPriscilla Aliwarga Narrating Her Yoga journey At The CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mat Launch


The first thing one will notice about the mats are their dual-sides. Each of the sides has one color with a different textured surface, yet is fully functional and is non-slip in both wet and dry conditions. Any practitioner of the more intense styles such as Ashtanga, Power and Hot Yoga know how much sweat drips on the mat. Therefore, it is of absolute importance that it be non-slip to retain equilibrium during the practice, as well as for the safety of the user. The mats are the perfect thickness at 6mm allowing for comfort in seated and kneeling asanas, yet sturdy and grounding enough for the standing poses.

CUCA Eco-Care Yoga MatsCUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mat Logo


I tested the mat on my practice and did jump-backs, where I start in a standing forward bend position at the top of the mat, then plant my hands next to my feet and jump both my feet up and back in a straight line so that I land on my toes, hip-width apart, in a push-up position. The mat was comfortable, stable and gave good grip. At 1.83 kg., CUCA mats are one of the lightest mats around, which is hard to believe considering that that they cater to all shapes and sizes with its long length of 183 cm. and width of 61 cm. The non-porous mat is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) fabric which can easily be cleaned and is antiseptic. CUCA mats are ecological and eventually biodegrades to ensure a greener footprint.


CUCA Eco-Care Yoga MatsDual-Sides of The CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mat


At P2,995.00 each, the mats are not cheap, but neither are they as expensive as other established brands. I always believe in having options and the Yoga community would greatly benefit with the entrance of such a world-class product in the form of CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mats.

CUCA Eco-Care Yoga MatsYogis Trying Out The CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mats


CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mats are available at all Royal Sporting House Branches, Reebok and Equanimity Manila.

CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mats


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CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mats: Technology In Yoga that Every Yogi Needs


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