Cubanos Fil-Cuban Cantina: An Affordable Feast of Latin American Flavors with a Twist

From the owners of Tipsy Pig and Reserve comes a new food place that will let you bring your foodie adventures to greater heights. Cubanos Fil-Cuban Cantina is a new venture at City Golf Plaza that serves delicious Cuban dishes with twists that perfectly capture Pinoy tastebuds.


Although the restaurant is still in its soft opening, it already has a full menu that they plan to expand in the coming months. They serve a variety of Cuban sandwiches, which is kind of reminiscent to what you’ll see in the movie “Chef”, but definitely better (because you can actually eat it).

Cubanos Fil-Cuban Cantina has five different flavors: Grilled Cheese ni Mommy is their take on the classic ham and cheese sandwich; PB&J is perfect for kids and kids at heart; Classic Cubano is perfect for those who are interested in trying something close to authentic Cuban sandwiches; Cubano Filipino is filled with savory lechong kawali; and Bulgogi Cubano is inspired by the Korean favorite, complete with a kick of spice and a flavorful aroma.


Cubano Filipino – Php220


Sigarilyos con Chorizo – Php180

Aside from their sandwiches, they also serve a pretty bad-ass roster of appetizers, from the BBQ’d Elote (corn on the cob smothered with cheese and spices) to their Sigarilyos con Chorizo (spring rolls with a chorizo filling that tastes oh-so-heavenly).


Fil-Cuban Skillet Nachos – Php220, good for 2

One of their best sellers is the Fil-Cuban Skillet Nachos, which are literally drowning in cheese, and is nothing but pure delight. Their take on nachos is quite unique; it is served as a pie rather than as finger food. It is usually accompanied by and eaten with a spoon, so don’t be fooled! It’s not sloppy; it’s actually designed to be that way.


Fidel’s Fil-Cuban Ribs – Php315

Of course, the main star of the show was Fidel’s Cuban Ribs, a full rack of which is only Php315. Their ribs are tender and soft, and quite easy to eat. Unlike most ribs, this one is served with a secret sweet-and-spicy sauce, giving it a tang that makes it stand out from the rest. The meat also has a distinct smokey flavor, but you can still taste the hint of spices. The ribs have an interesting taste and are quite affordable, too. Definitely a must-try!


Liempo ni Gringo – Php210

Another yummy offering from Cubanos is their Liempo ni Gringo, which consists of carefully chosen pork belly, all chargrilled to perfection. They’re glazed with a homemade salty and sweet barbecue sauce.


If you are looking for a new place to try, then Cubanos Fil-Cuban Cantina would definitely be a great choice. They have an entirely new menu, but still capture that familiar taste to the Filipino palate. Not to mention, it’s quite affordable, too!

Cubanos Fil-Cuban Cantina

City Golf Compound, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City


Instagram: @cubanos_ph


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