Cuatro Cóctel: Instagrammable Cocktails You Need to Have in Your Home Bar

Starting a business in the middle of a global pandemic is not an easy feat. While many entrepreneurs decided to close down their businesses, some saw this as an opportunity to create something new and share it. That’s the story of Cuatro Cóctel and the four tight-knit friends that established it.

Cuatro Cóctel is an online bottled cocktail shop started in the midst of the pandemic by Benik Angeles, John Uy, Samantha Rivera, and Era Cruz.

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Photo from Cuatro Cóctel

They came up with the name “Cuatro Cóctel”, or Four Cocktails, to represent the four partners.

“We first launched our brand with four cocktails that supposedly characterize our traits or personalities—Hermosa, Romera, Azure, and Serpiente,” says Sam Rivera, the Creative Director of Cuatro Cóctel.

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Photo from Cuatro Cóctel

Cuatro Cóctel takes pride in its luxurious branding and Instagrammable packaging. They decided to make the “unboxing experience” just as important as the products themselves. Those rectangular glass bottles will surely be a scene-stealer in your home bar!

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Photo from Cuatro Cóctel

Aside from the looks, their bottled cocktails also boast of having the finest ingredients and being created by the partners themselves. Their mixologist, Era Cruz, shares that he sampled some of the best cocktails around the world and recreated them, making them accessible to anyone—even to people staying safe at home.

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“Our team is also uniquely made up of both drinks and marketing experts, allowing us to create a diverse range of on-trend drinks that can easily communicate to the market,” says Benik Angeles, The Marketing Director of the team.

In these times, you really can’t go wrong with a great drink. With Cuatro Cóctel, you’ve got that and more. It’s not just the actual drink that will put a smile on your face, it’s the whole package, too—literally!

Cuatro Cóctel

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