Crossroads: Flavors Without Borders

Back in the day, high school business classes only consisted of brainstorming and creating products to sell in class; you are not alone if all you’ve ever sold was a fresh batch of cookies! It was a project that we all looked forward to doing with our classmates and friends- from the joy of making that first buck, sales talking everyone passing by, to finally after all that effort, receiving that hard-earned cash. This life skill has influenced our young business-oriented minds today. 

With the entrepreneurship subject included in the current K-12 system, this generation’s student entrepreneurs are taking it up one notch higher. No longer are they required to create a single product to be sold for a day or two, but a business to last for the whole year. All the factors of an actual business are experienced- finance, production, marketing, and logistics. Through the guide of their teachers, they are taught to sustain a profitable business, as well as the strategic methods to make it grow. 

Miriam College High School, a premier all-girls school, located in Quezon City, incorporates all these in their curriculum, especially in the ABM (Accounting, Business and Management) strand. The students are trained to create a business simulation from scratch throughout the whole school year. Now, they will test their abilities through one final project. Presenting to you, flavors without borders at the UP Town Center Activity Center A in Diliman, Quezon City, happening on February 29- Crossroads! Witness the unequivocal effort of all the Grade 12 ABM students of MCHS with a food fair and free concert by local artists such as Paolo Sandejas.

Upon entrance, the event will resemble the radiant street food parks found around the globe. The student-owned business is a result of yearlong planning and execution by the four ABM sections. They had already sold these products in their school’s intramurals, and they were all a big hit. During the selling day, you may find: Spicy Mayo Karaage Buns by Sakumi, Katsushi (Tonkatsu and Sushi) Burgers by Okami Katsu, deep-fried Wontons in four flavors by ShiSu, and classic coffee, tea, and pastries by Siesta. These all range within the prices of only PHP150 at most. But wait, there’s more! Miriam College’s partner communities from Laiban, Rizal, and the Dumagats from Ipo will also be selling their local products. Get ready to taste Laiban’s flavorful Atsara, Kamote Chips, Ginger Candy, and Turmeric Powder that will be creatively integrated with the food sold during the event. The Dumagats, a subgroup of the Aetas in Northern Luzon, will also be selling an array of handcrafted products- cultural wood crafts (sculptures, clocks, trays), woven baskets and table mats, native kakanins (Biko, Ube Halaya, Suman), and fresh root cropsAll proceeds will be directed to support the future business operations of the Laiban community.

Let us all support our future entrepreneurs as they give their best efforts to serve flavors without borders. See you there!

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