Crocs Boat Shoes: The Perfect Shoes for Your Summer Getaway

When In Manila, make sure you have the right shoes for your next summer getaway!

When planning our summer escapades, we often think about the various things to bring and the best clothes to wear, but we usually just throw in a pair of slippers for our feet. Next time, bring a pair of Crocs!

I must admit I haven’t always been a fan of Crocs, but ever since I first wore a pair of Crocs last year, I’ve fallen hopelessly in love! Not only are they very fashionable, but they’re EXTREMELY comfortable. It’s like wearing a pair of bedroom slippers on the road.

Last Thursday, May 9 2013, Crocs released their new Beach line and their own version of the top siders at the Whitemoon Bar in Ocean Park.


Crocs Boat Shoes 01

Crocs Boat Shoes 02

The view was perfect for this specific line. Nothing says summer more than the fresh breeze and cool waters.


There are tons of colors and designs to choose from with Crocs’ Beach line. I loved them all so much that I started counting my bills to check when I could go and buy another pair.

Crocs has several colorful sandals to choose from. This one in particular is called the HUARACHE FLATS which is great for a walk on the beach…


Crocs Boat Shoes 03


Check out their stores for the Huarache flats, sling back-flats, flip-flops and mini-wedge

Crocs Boat Shoes 10


They’re even available for kids!


Beach Line Boat Shoe Kids J_Lime-Fuchsia_3060Beach Line Boat Shoe Kids J_Navy-White_3060


Philippe and I LOVE LOVE LOVE our new Crocs! We practically wear it wherever we go and as often as we can.


Crocs Boat Shoes 09


Crocs also has these adorable boat shoes that you can use for a day at the mall, at the park or even on a yacht!


Crocs Boat Shoes 05]

Crocs Boat Shoes 06



During the launch,  Crocs Philippines introduced their new brand ambassadors Laureen Uy, David Guison and Camille Co. Unfortunately, Camille was in Italy that day and unable to join the festivities.

Crocs Boat Shoes 07


Win a 3 day stay in Singapore with the Crocs Run Sailor Run app!


Crocs RSR 01 - Landing Page


Besides the awesome beach line, Crocs is also launching a new app called Run Sailor Run! With this app, not only do you get to play an addictive game, but the more you play, the more chances you get to win a trip to Singapore! Nice!


Mechanics for Crocs Run Sailor Run


Crocs RSR 08

Crocs RSR 07


  • Follow instructions! Use arrow key down to duck, and arrow key up to jump.
  • Now run, sailor, run! Collect as many coins as you can. Duck or jump over obstacles or you might lose coins
  • You can do better. Remember, the top scorer gets a trip to Singapore! And those within the top 50 get cool discounts too!


Crocs RSR 13

*Don’t forget to share on Facebook to get your friends to join! The more friends join, the higher your score gets!



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