Creed: Live in Manila!

When in Manila and looking for an electric performance from one of the most successful post-grunge bands of the late 90s and early 2000s, then Creed: Live in Manila was the place to be!




Vocalist Scott Stapp channeling all of his energy on stage.




I’m no stranger when it comes to concerts, and I have to admit that having seen many different concerts over the years has created a set of expectations in my head about what I should and should not expect on nights like these.


I came in knowing that I’d be more passionate than the average fan. After all, I knew at least ten Creed songs and, at the time, I was even willing to put money on the table to race anyone who would dare try to name any song that the band would play within the first three to five seconds. Talk about being a fanboy.


Important side note: Kids, when attending concerts, be sure that you take the Five-Song Test and pass. What this means is that you must at least know/recognize five songs from the artist, otherwise, your attendance (and the price you paid for your ticket) will not have been worth it. 


From the get go, everyone from the fans in the moshpit area — where I was at — to the people in the bleachers, could feel the electricity from the band, especially with the eccentric manner in which Scott Stapp performed.




Creed taking the stage for their first song 




Their first song was “Are You Ready”, which was from their second album, “Human Clay”. It was an appropriate song that pretty much set the tone for how the rest of the night would go.




Guitarist Mark Tremonti slaying it with his solo




Scott Stapp wasn’t the only one who brought it that night, as the rest of the band all brought their A-game and made sure that they could create something special at a venue that they recognized as “historical” because of the Thrilla in Manila.

Bassist Brian Marshall and guitarists Mark Tremonti and Eric Friedman proved that even songs with Christian themes can sound kickass and vigorous.




Brian Marshall (left) and Mark Tremonti (right)




Vocalist Scott Stapp sang while moving around and seemingly letting the spirit of their music control his body movements. At one point in the middle of the set, he started hobbling and eventually fell on his rear end. Their road manager and the medics initially thought that he had cramped his leg. He had to be taken to the back first for the paramedics to check up on him.


After a few tense minutes, Scott Stapp hobbled back on stage, to the delight of the fans in attendance. A stool was brought out for him to sit and balance on so that he could continue performing for us. While physically subdued, Scott Stapp didn’t let us down and sang through the pain.


The biggest moment of the concert for me was when he told us all about how the song One Last Breath is actually a prayer. I knew from way back that it was a song about death. But, hearing Scott Stapp talk about it and sing the song with so much passion and fervor was enough to make me tear up a little.




Scott Stapp and the rest of Creed took us all on a journey.




When the night began, Scott Stapp addressed the audience and talked about taking us all on a journey. In between songs, he didn’t address the fans to get a cheap reaction from the crowd. He stayed in character, even through the pain, and made sure to sustain the tone he set — one of solemnity and serenity.


Towards the end of the show, when they performed their most famous songs (at least for us Filipinos), Scott Stapp began to smile and show his appreciation for their fans in the Philippines who knew the words to their songs by heart. And just like that — as with every concert here in Manila — the Big Dome became one giant KTV hall as everyone sang along to HigherWith Arms Wide Open and My Sacrifice.







It was certainly a night to remember, as Creed delivered on their promise of taking their fans on a journey through the music that they play. As a fan who has followed their music for more than half my life, all I could say after the show was, “THANK YOU, CREED!” It’s shows like these that really make me proud to be a Pinoy fan of music. It is also experiences like these that should make you want to catch a concert live When In Manila.



With photos from Peter Baltazar




Creed: Live in Manila was organized by CNCA Media Concepts, Inc. Like them on Facebook: You can contact them by dialing 921-8883.






Creed: Live in Manila!



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