CreatiVoices Productions: Not just your partner in audio productions

When in Manila and looking for a provider of voice artists that would suit your needs and preferences for your audio productions, CreatiVoices Productions may automatically get in your head. The premier voice over agency in the country, CreatiVoices makes sure that you get only the best voices that would definitely impress and move your desired audience. For seven years, in fact, it has been known as the voice of a number of excellent and professional voice artists whose voices now invade the airwaves. And to make your audio productions even better, it also ensures that they are of good quality. It also offers services that are related to sound effects to further help you achieve a remarkable project.

CreatiVoices Productions has state of the art facilities that would make sure your audio productions are of good quality.




But apart from these, CreatiVoices also offers other services. It also produces audiovisual productions. It has already started to create impressive AVP’s for businesses to showcase their services and products. Apart from corporate and promotional AVP’s it can also make you a presentation that you could use in presenting your projects. The secret? It actually integrates its expertise in audio productions with its creativity in terms of the visual component of the AVP’s. Imagine, all these goodness in one!




Feeling like a pro. Me inside the recording booth.




And of course, we should not forget one of the most exciting services it offers: its studio is now open to let you experience how it is like to be a voice artist or even a singer. Whether you just need to record something or you just want to have the feel of being inside a professional recording booth under the supervision of a technician, you can go here and feel like a pro.




3/F Left Wing, Light Blue Bldg.

1745 Dian St., Palanan, Makati City

(02) 239-6468





CreatiVoices Productions: Not just your partner in audio productions


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