Creative Process: Nude Photo Exhibit



Paola Nazario is a visual artist, a photographer concentrated on forms and textures for her prints. Her artwork began since she was young and eventually flourished when she was in New York. She was featured in Popular Photography Magazine on its April 2015 Issue with one of the photos in this exhibition. She will also be published in an upcoming book called “The Complete Portrait Manual” by Weldon Owen Publishing in the U.S, coming out this year.

Paola had been surrounded with arts since she was young, as her grandfather is also an artist. He used to make a lot of handicrafts and exported it all over the world. He is her biggest influence in business and arts. The main reason why she named her studio here in Taguig, PNaz Photography Studio is because PNaz is derived from her name and also the word, Philippines.

She went to New York for Arts. Interior Design was her first choice of study but it was too expensive so she thought about painting instead. After a long search, she discovered photography. She did not let go of photography since the day she first held her own DSLR; that was just last year and  more when she studied it formally. New York Film Academy especially Jackie Neale, her mentor, did an excellent job in making her who she is. Jackie is an NYC-based fine-art and editorial photographer, author of various books and works for NYFA and The Metropolitan Museum, NY.  There’s also the help of the people around her, especially Ronald Stewart, a professional in New York City and of course, her parents. She does all genres of photography. She believes that there will always be a best angle for everyone and that everyone is beautiful.

She chose to move back to the Philippines so she could share her talents and also learn from her fellow countrymen. She wants to embody the Fililpina spirit through her art and tell stories through her photographs. She also wants to show everyone that although the American dream is achievable through hard work and patience, there truly is no place like home.

The current gallery exhibition unfolds in 2 series. The first  showcases the environment of the creative process. The second set are other people who had been a part of her journey to reach the goal — some are friends, some were strangers.

There is a lot of skin in the photographs. This plays a great part. Paola wants to show her audience that when it comes to making art, there is no limit. One should make it a point that art is made not only for the audience but also for the artist.

There is only you and your camera, drop your fear and just do your art.

for additional information, call at +63(917)7790885 or email at info@paolanazariophotography.com



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