Create Refreshing Summer Treats at Home with These Cool Gadgets

Is the summer heat becoming too much for you? Make the season more fun and exciting with cool and refreshing drinks and treats you can easily make at home.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are some cool gadgets you can get from Shopee that will help you create your favorite summer treats:

slushy maker

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This slushy maker makes it so much easier to create your own choice of slush at home. It’s designed to make the process easier and more convenient, especially since you’ll only need the beverage of your choice—no need for ice! Just put the slushy maker in the freezer for a few hours, pour in your drink, squeeze a few times, and you’ve got instant homemade slushy. Buy this slushy maker here!

ice crusher

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If you want to make your own halo-halo, ice scramble, or shaved ice at home, this ice crusher will make it easier for you. This gadget is hand-cranked manually, but it’s a lot easier than the traditional ice shaver we were used to. Buy this ice crusher here!

personal blender

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Planning to make fresh fruit shakes or thick milkshakes all for yourself? This handy blender will be your best friend this summer. It’s super portable and space-saving, so you can easily make shakes everywhere you go. Plus, it’s good for one serving, so there’s no need to bring out that massive blender in the kitchen when you just want one shake. Buy this personal blender here!

popsicle maker

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This popsicle maker will instantly make you feel like a kid again. If you’ve got kids at home, all the better! This popsicle mold can make 8 popsicles at a time, so you can be sure that there’s always a popsicle available in your freezer all the time. Buy this 8-piece popsicle maker here!

rolled icecream machine

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If you love those videos of rolled ice cream, you’ll definitely enjoy this mini rolled ice cream machine. You can create your own version of rolled ice cream at home with all the flavors, fillings, and toppings that you want. Because of its small size, it’s also easy to store once the rainy days come along. Buy this rolled ice cream machine here!

sorbet maker

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This sorbet maker will let you enjoy your choice of fruits in a cooler and more refreshing way. Just freeze some fruits, chop them into cubes, put them into this sorbet maker, and you’ve got a healthy dessert in no time. Buy this sorbet maker here!

cocktail set

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Want something with an extra kick for the summer? Create your own cocktails (or mocktails) at home with this 12-piece bar set. You’ll instantly have everything you need to be a bartender at home. This just might be the summer that you can create your own signature cocktail. Buy this cocktail maker set here!

ice machine

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Never run out of ice ever again with this trending ice maker. You’ll just have to pour water into this machine, wait a few minutes, and instantly get ice cubes for whatever summer refreshment you might want. No more ice trays and spilling water by the fridge door! Buy this automatic ice maker here!

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