Crazy Rich Asians Movie Review: Love Defying Traditions


The novel-based film ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ follows the account of Rachel Chu, an American-born Chinese Economics professor who found her knight in shining armor in Nicholas Young. Nick is more than what any girl could ask for: dashing, sweet, and probably one of the last remaining gentlemen in the world. He also has a steady career as a history professor at New York University.

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In Singapore, the “wedding of the century” by Chinese Elites Colin Khoo and Araminta Lee, is already the talk of the town. Meanwhile, in New York, Nick is asking Rachel to come with him to Singapore to attend his best friend’s wedding and also to meet his family.

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The movie has a crazy plot, not because of Rachel’s rich boyfriend, but because of the crazy turn of events. A best friend getting married. Sounds simple enough, but there’s a plot twist. Nick’s best friend isn’t just some hometown childhood friend. Oh, and the wedding? It’s not exactly the typical kind of wedding, either. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

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There’s most certainly nothing crazy about a boyfriend wanting to introduce her girl to his family. Big whoop. We’ve seen it before. You’ll find it in almost all American films.

We know that Nick is dashing, smart, and a real gentleman. Wait, we forgot one other thing: down to earth. A girl meeting a guy like that and marrying into an aristocratic family? I’d say it’s already commonplace in most romantic movies.

Rachel probably knew it, too, because just as she was boarding the plane (a fancy plane) with Nick; she already had suspicions that there was more to their Singapore trip than what her boyfriend was letting on. Yeah, Rachel is one smart cookie. 

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There were lots of crazy stuff that went on in the “Crazy Rich Asians” film, but the one that hit its full height was how crazy wealthy life can be, especially if you’re the girlfriend of  Nicholas Young, one of the most desired bachelors in all of Singapore.

The film has a relatively simple plot, but it was able to portray simplicity in the most interesting way. There was also a perfect blend of simplicity and realism, which I admired.

The story was pretty dynamic. There’s always something going on, usually mischief, but that just adds to the fun story of the Young family.

I could feel something being thrown at me. Each scene kept on firing the same bullet – “Don’t just look at the surface”. It says that no matter how convinced we are of something, we shouldn’t make conclusions based on raw facts. If you have a good eye, you’ll spot scenes like this in the film.

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In “Crazy Rich Asians”, Eleanor is a woman of prestige and high standards. She has some misplaced values, one of which is to insist that her son should marry a woman from their own social circle.  

We don’t place as much importance on lineage and pedigree as the Young family. So, it’s not much of a surprise if she’s seen as the main protagonist in the film. Is she really the evil villain in Nick and Rachel’s love story, though?

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What’s Crazy Rich Asians? It’s a love story. No, it’s a comedy. No, no, it’s drama. The movie is actually a combination of all of those things.  Like I said, the story is relatively simple, but the director did a fabulous job. They were able to hit the right balance between comedy, romance, and drama.

At one minute, you’ll be like “aww. That’s so sweet”. Before you know it, you’re already laughing your eyeballs out. Who knows? Maybe the film will even make you cry, too. 

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Ah, finally, here it is.  There’s a saying that if you want to get what you want, you have to go after it. It’s not going to come to you, just like in fairy tales. If you want it, you have to make it yours.

There was a bit of fighting for love in the “Crazy Rich Asians”. Although, there were no guns or Kung Fu involved. It was a fight against traditions, the crazy rich traditions. Did she get her happily ever after with Nick? No spoilers here. “Crazy Rich Asians” is already out starting August 22, 2018. Have fun watching the film with your loved ones. Oh, and bring some tissue rolls, too.