Craving Filipino Food? This Delivery Service in Mandaluyong is Just a Call Away

Written by Francesca Beatrice Sanchez
Photos by Eunick Nobe
Graphics by Joselle Fajardo

For someone who loves food (who doesn’t?), there are days when I crave a particular cuisine rather than a specific dish. Recently, my tongue seems to be screaming at me to go find Filipino dishes…and this delivery service definitely satiated my craving.

Have you found your holy grail when it comes to Filipino food yet? If not then it might be time to try Ha-Inan, a restaurant that delivers hearty Filipino dishes right at your doorstep.

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Ha inan Delivery and Takeout Mandaluyong 7

Located in Barangka, Mandaluyong, Ha-Inan’s delivery food service stays true to its name and concept—bringing food to every Filipino family’s table. Initially, Bernadette, the owner of Ha-Inan, said that they were supposed to name their little restaurant “Queen Bee”, after their mom, before it eventually developed to its current name.

Ha inan Delivery and Takeout Mandaluyong 1

When asked why they chose to go with Filipino food rather than other types of cuisine, they said that they saw its potential. They came up with the concept of the restaurant and two months later, on October 10, 2017, Ha-Inan was launched.

Looking at Ha-Inan’s menu, you’ll see that they have more than enough options to choose from and all of it are quite affordable! However, if you’re still unsure of what to choose, we recommend these dishes that will surely lead to a happy tummy.



Ha inan Delivery and Takeout Mandaluyong 17

For a light snack, Ha-Inan’s okoy will satiate your craving for something crunchy. A single piece costs only Php 9, and a minimum order of 5 pieces will only cost Php 45 (this will be good for sharing but we wouldn’t be surprised if you claim it all for yourself!). Looking for more reasons to try their okoy? They serve it with their special mix of vinegar, which is probably the star of the show if not for the okoy itself.


Ha inan Delivery and Takeout Mandaluyong 18

If your new year’s resolution is to consume less pork then maybe you should set that goal aside for awhile to try this. Customers looking for a heavier meal can go for their sisig, which of course goes well with their steamed rice (Php 15). For Php 170, their sisig can make two to three tummies happy.


Ha inan Delivery and Takeout Mandaluyong 20

Another option for a quick fix is their Empanaditas. Its small size definitely doesn’t hamper with its taste. Each empanadita features a soft dough. The inside isn’t compromised either as each empanadita is jampacked with your chosen filling (flavors are beef taco, pizza pie and creamy chicken). A box of six costs just Php 60 while a box of 12 costs Php 120.

Ha inan Delivery and Takeout Mandaluyong 29


Ha-Inan presents you with “Ang pancit na binabalik-balikan.” Truly, their pancit is one of a kind. The reason? They are paired with a special chili sauce that was sourced from Davao.

Prices range from Php 70 (for individuals looking to satiate their pancit cravings) to Php 990 (for big parties). It can go as high as Php 1050 for their Spaghetti with Meatballs and Pancit Malabon Negra.

Ha inan Delivery and Takeout Mandaluyong 121 Ha inan Delivery and Takeout Mandaluyong 9

Sinigang Steak

Ha inan Delivery and Takeout Mandaluyong 15

I kid you not, every bite of this dish will send your tastebuds to heaven. Their steak is quite tender that you won’t even need to slice it as much and the sinigang itself is a mix between sour and savory. You can try their Sinigang Steak for Php 480 which is good for three to five persons. However, for bigger groups, you can enjoy this dish for Php 850.

For those looking to try a variety of dishes with just one order, they also have combi meals available which ranges from Php 115 to Php 139.

Looking forward to try these mouthwatering dishes? You can reach them at 09215437456, 245-5856 or 636-1686. For those who reside in Mandaluyong, they are just one jeepney away with their location in Barangka.

Ha-Inan Delivery and Take Out

88 Barangka Dr. Cor Camiguin st.,Barangay Malamig, Mandaluyong City
Tel no: 245-5856 / 636-1686
Instagram: @hainandelivery