These Wrap-Up Party Photos Are The Perfect Cure To Your ‘CLOY’ Hangover

Apparently, the cast of Crash Landing On You all met up to watch the finale together and our hearts are melting. They had their wrap-up party last February 16 and these adorable photos from child actor Oh Han-Kyul are too cute not to gush over.

Han-Kyul played Jeong U-Pil, the son of wiretapper Jeong Man-Bok (Kim Young-Min) better known as “The Rat.” He was endearing in the show and he’s just as endearing in these photos!

Based on his Instagram posts, Han-Kyul went around the wrap-up party asking all his cast aunties and uncles for selfies and signatures to take home with him.

The first selfie he posted is with Hyun Bin, who of course played Captain Ri Jung Hyuk. According to Google Translate, the caption reads: “I was so honored and happy to be with Uncle Hyun, who is kind, nice, and loving.”

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Then he has a photo So Ye Jin (Yoon Se-Ri), to whom he dedicates: “Se-ri noona is so lovely even when her face gets red. I was excited and excited about my first breath. I will never forget…”

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He also posed with Seo Ji Hye (Seo Dan), saying: “I was so happy to be with my pretty and kind girl…I will see you again next time.” He is too sweet!

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For Gu Seung-Jun (Kim Jung-Hyun) he captions: “Uncle Chung is full of charm… You acted so well that I admired you every time. It was an honor to be with you again.”

Then he had a series of photos with Captain Ri’s Company Five members: Pyo Chi Soo (Yang Kyung Won), Park Kwang Beom (Lee Shin Young), Kim Joo Muk (Yoo Soo Bin), and Keum Eun Dong (Tang Joon Sang).

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Han-Kyul even snapped some shots with his village ajummas!

And a photo with Cho Cheol Gang (Oh Man-Seok):

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Last but not least is a sweet photo with his on-screen father. “You loved me so much. My father… Make sure you wear the right mirror while you go down this street,” he wrote. 

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These photos are the perfect proof that Han-Kyul is CLOY’s ultimate fanboy. We can’t blame him because if we were in that position — hard same. We’re just thankful he’s shared the photos with everyone!

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