Craft + Afternoons: Alessa’s Newest Crafternoon


DAY 2: Hello, Fabric! It’s Craft Time!


Do you know that feeling when you’re in school, and the teacher is returning your individual projects? The feeling was palpable in the air as the fabrics were handed back to us one by one, Pipino suddenly full of oohs, aahs and Instagram shots as we held in our hands the result of our hard design work. We just couldn’t get over how cool this all was. Did we really make this?

After the initial excitement set in, it was time to create our crafts! Armed with rainbows of  thread from DMC, zippers and scissors, the next two hours was all about making something out of your fabric (as much as we loved them as is!). I took mine and created a simple canvas tote bag (details of which are posted here), while others made pillows, pencil cases, pouches and simple embroidery. Needless to say we came out of our crafternoon feeling much more confident in our ability to create things, and new friends. What are crafternoons for, anyway? 


Our tip here? A little advance study couldn’t hurt. Try to think about what you want to make out of your fabric before you come in. Don’t be afraid to ask help from Alessa and the other crafters. That’s what friends are for, right?  

So when in Manila, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon than to make something that’s yours and yours alone. Have fun!


The next Pattern Design and Fabric Crafts session is scheduled for this October. Check out Alessa’s Blog, Life After Breakfast for more details. 

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