CPR Mannequins Are Getting Breasts to Save More Women

Reports say that women are 27% less likely than men to receive CPR. The reason behind it? Research suggests that some people are uncomfortable making contact with breasts of women they do not know. To change that, mannequins are about to get a makeover. They are now getting breasts! This is believed to help normalize performing CPR on women.

The United State of Women and JOAN Creative join forces to bring you the Womanikin. It is a universal attachment that can easily be put on a common flat-chested CPR mannequin.

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In an Instagram post, The United State of Women said the following:

“Why are we still learning CPR only on male torsos? This is outdated, and could have real consequences as women are currently 27% less likely than men to receive CPR from bystanders in public. It’s time to update the education process, get people used to performing CPR on people with breasts, and drive equality in cardiac intervention.”

The unveiling of the product is very timely as it coincided with the National CPR Awareness Week (June 1-7 in the US). The Womanikin started as a self-funded project but it recently won a grant that will help them create more mannequins to distribute to schools in the United States.

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They also started an online campaign that includes an Instagram challenge where they encourage women to share videos of themselves with the hand emoji on their chests with the hashtag #GiveMeCPR.

This unveiling of this product is a big step towards women’s safety. We’re hoping this will address the problem that some people find in performing CPR on women.

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