CPI Call Shop: Philippines 1st Prepaid Internet Calling Card






CPI Call Shop: Experience the convenience and massive savings with the Philippines 1st Prepaid Internet Calling Card!  Call any phone in the world right from your PC or Smartphone. Astoundingly low rates!


Over the last 8 years at our gorgeous little shop in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines, we created and perfected the only Call Shop concept in the Philippines.   Now we’ve taken it up a notch and gone mobile!


With CPI Call Shop‘s Prepaid Internet Calling Cards, calling anywhere in the world has never beeneasier and more convenient.  Call any telephone in the world–-land line or mobile phone– -right from your very own PC, laptop, Smartphone and WIFI device.  All you need is an Internet connection, one of our prepaid internet callings cards, and also our free easy to install calling apps. It all takes just a few minutes and you’re making crystal clear calls anywhere in the world –to loved ones, friends, business associates–at astoundingly low rates.   


We’ve developed a series of new Prepaid Internet Calling Cards and more are in the works.  All our cards offer incredibly low rates you will not find anywhere else. Rates to your favorite destinations start at just P1 per minute!. Yes you read that correctly…P1 per minute.  All other rates are priced amazingly low.  And remember, CPI Prepaid Internet Calling Cards are  priced in Philippine Pesos and work worldwide!






You can purchase your cards at our shop in Angeles City or on our online store. Each card comes in four denominations; P50, P100, P200, and P500. For payment we accept Paypal, the world’s most trusted online payment facility. The pincodes of your Prepaid Internet Calling Cards will be emailed to you right after you complete your purchase. Then all you need to do is download one of our free calling apps to your PC or Smartphone, input your card’s pin code numbers and you’re ready to start making calls. It’s that easy! 

Enjoy the convenience and cost savings that only CPI Call Shop can offer. Try one of our new Prepaid Internet Calling Cards today and experience this amazing new service from the Philippines Internet calling experts!

Visit our online store at www.cpicallshop.com/store. 






CPI Call Shop

*CPI Call Shop also offers discounts for wholesalers. Now you can sell our Prepaid Internet Calling Cards to your customers and earn extra money, just like selling e-load and auto-load. Contact us today to find out more about this new earning opportunity. Email us at info@cpicallshop.com

CPI Call Shop: Experience the convenience and massive savings with the Philippines 1st Prepaid Internet Calling Card!  

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