Covers and Curves: Fashionable Pieces for Any Size (Including XXXL and Up)

If you’ve been having trouble finding fashionable dresses in your size, Covers and Curves is here to the rescue!

Pamela Chan is a UST BS Psych graduate who has always had a desire to go to fashion school even before college. College was a compromise with her parents as they advised she could take up design classes after college. However, Pamela had to work after college to make money. While working, though, she started scouting for affordable fashion schools and luckily, her parents granted their promise and enrolled her in the Fashion Institute of the Philippines.

Through the years, Pamela purchased her own sewing machine and started making pieces for herself until she was able to make gowns for her sisters’ weddings, friends, and clients. She eventually started her own brand, Covers and Curves, in August 2017 with the aim of dressing women of different shapes and sizes. “The goal was to provide pieces for each client with unique designs and silhouettes, and meticulously picked fabrics to make each wearer stand out from the rest,” Pamela shares. Since then, she has made more than a thousand customized pieces of bridal, entourage robes, pajama sets for both men and women, special occasion made-to-measure gowns and bridal gowns, and wedding accessories.

This year, Pamela decided to come up with a collection that is perfect for all occasions – from dates to special gatherings to office events to evening parties to weddings. Boasting of carefully thought out silhouettes that can be worn and wrapped in multiple ways, your purchase will definitely be worth it. Plus, you’ll get to wear a single dress from this collection in many different ways and on many different occasions. Check them out:

Photo from Covers and Curves

Czeline in Nude Velvet Long Sleeves (Php1,999)

Photo from Covers and Curves

Francine in Off White Neoprene Lace Bell Sleeves (Php3,199)

Photo from Covers and Curves

Jereline Peach Neoprene Long Sleeves with Pearls on Neckline (Php3,099)

Photo from Covers and Curves

Short Sleeves Top and Shorts Terno Pajama Set (Php999)

Photo from Covers and Curves

Pauline in Pale Blush Pink Neoprene Short Sleeves (Php2,899)

Photo from Covers and Curves

Polly Front Wrap Gown (Php3,999)

Photo from Covers and Curves

Czeline Top in Champagne Satin Long Sleeves (Php1,199)

Covers and Curves’ new collection is dedicated to women of all shapes and sizes. Inspired by her sisters and mom who have been very supportive of Pamela’s entrepreneurial journey, each silhouette is named after them to remind her of how they have become her greatest inspirations in life.

“I decided to focus on this type of clothing for my new collection to celebrate my third year in the business and also to help myself and all girls and women out there who find it difficult to find a dress that fits their size and shape, and who find it unreasonable and expensive to pay for a made-to-measure gown for just one occasion,” Pamela shares. Now, there’s no need to worry and be conscious about how dresses fit. These new dresses will hug your unique silhouette and shape your curves as you wear them.

You can customize your own pieces from this collection from the fabric to the design to the length, and you can even wear them in multiple ways. Aside from that, these new pieces don’t have any zippers or buttons, but will be securely wrapped with their unique wrap around belts.

Covers and Curves delivers nationwide, and they also accept rush orders.

Covers and Curves


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