Courageous Light: The Legacy Of Courageous Caitie Lives On

If you have heard and followed the story of Courageous Caitie, a 3-year old girl who battled a rare form of leukemia called JMML, then being touched by it is an understatement.  If you were a parent, you would have easily cried out as you followed her journey which just started early of this year.


No child deserves to have undergone what she did.  No parent deserves to see their child slip away like that. Sadly, Caitie passed away a few months ago, but with it came about a phenomenal following of people who prayed, cried, and hopedfor Caitie and the testimony that her story would bring to everyone. Courageous Caitie did change lives in more ways that she or her parents would have ever imagined.


I believe in rainbows; I believe in light. And last August 6, 2016 they had a grand launch of Courageous Light called “A Jouney Of Hope” at Gateway Mall, Araneta Center.


Courageous Light is the legacy of Courageous Caitie. It was born from Caitie’s courage and trust in Jesus during her most challenging time in the hospital battling JMML. It had such a tremendous impact that inspired and changed hundreds and thousands of lives worldwide because of how the family put their complete trust and dependence on God.


It was during this time Caitie and her family experienced the overwhelming love, kindness, and support from family, friends, and even strangers as everyone came together to help them not only financially, but also emotionally and, most importantly, spiritually. This is why Jay Jay and Feliz Lucas decided to continue Caitie’s legacy with an act of paying it forward to support other families of children with illnesses to find God’s hope and purpose.


Courageous Caitie had a month-long celebration of life. And last August 7-12, Gateway Mall activity area was the venue of Courageous Caitie’s exhibit, showcasing her life in pictures and memorabilia. The featured photos were taken by her photographer dad, Jay Jay Lucas.


There will always be a piece of us that has gone out to Courageous Caitie.  Help spread the light she started and help other children undergoing illnesses with Courageous Light.

Courageous Caitie: A Journey Of Hope

Facebook: CourageousLight

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