Could This Be a New Text Modus?

Could This Be a New Text Modus 2

Bad guys keep up coming up with new ways to victimize people. As Filipinos are becoming more wary of modi operandi, bad guys are taking the challenge and becoming more creative with their methods. One netizen shared what could possibly be a new text modus after someone attempted it on her. What the suspect does is pretend to be a friend, send a text message, and lure the potential victim for an acting/modeling shoot. Fortunately, Lesley P. didn’t fall for it.

According to Lesley:

Earlier this morning, somebody sent me a text message asking if I know someone selling condo units. This person probably saw my Facebook account and just looked for random people on my friends list and claimed to be that person. Fortunately, I’m a prepaid user and I ran out of load so I messaged Shey (the person he claimed to be), and she had no idea what I was talking about. I sent her that and she said it wasn’t her. I don’t know the motive of this person but I confirmed that it wasn’t just me who got a message like this.

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