Costales Nature Farm: Escape the City and Experience an Organic Lifestyle

There might be days when you get fed up with the stress and toxicity of the city. You might get that feeling of longing to be with nature, run away, and experience the simple joys of life for a while. We totally get you! Aside from your usual stress relievers (shopping, stress-eating, or reading books, maybe?), why not drive to a farm?

Get your barkada or family together, pack your bags, and go on a roadtrip to Costales Nature Farm at the foothills of Mt. Banahaw in Majayjay, Laguna, one of the South’s haven of beautiful falls, mountains and nature farms. If you love traveling but would like to do things differently this time, take agri-tourism into consideration.

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We went on a 2-3-hour drive to the farm in a Ford Ranger, making the trip really smooth and safe. It was the perfect car for this trip since it can survive all kinds of terrains. Because of it, going from the city to the forests was hassle-free, even through the rough roads, making this adventure more enjoyable.

Ford Ranger Costales Farm 2

Upon arriving at Costales Nature Farm, you’ll be greeted by their friendly staff. The ambiance of the place is ideal for people who are looking for an urban escape; it’s quiet and relaxing.

The place may be calm, but you’ll never get bored. You can learn the basics of integrated organic farming here, or take part in tours, workshops and activities, such as the Green Living Tour which includes a salad-making activity and a tour in their farm.

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The Green Living Tour includes a whole day inclusive of meals, a guided farm tour, a trip to Kamay ni Hesus Shrine, and free Wi-Fi access.

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We made a salad composed of Japanese cucumbers, other fresh salad vegetables, and what we were really curious about: edible flowers! You can make your own salad from freshly-picked vegetables in the farm after a demo from their crew – healthy and delicious!

Ford Ranger Costales Farm 48

After making a salad, we tried some cold and refreshing cucumber juice!

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Aside from the nurseries and greenhouses, another one of our favorite parts of the farm is the rabbitry.

They also have a restaurant that serves their homegrown products, including their vegetables and organic pork, and the prices only range from 200 to 300 pesos. Here are some of our favorite dishes:

Ford Ranger Costales Farm 27

Bicol Express made with organic pork from the farm

Ford Ranger Costales Farm 28

Fresh Ensaladang Talong

Ford Ranger Costales Farm 34

Tilapia with Arugula and Tomatoes

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The farm also produces the food used in a lot of famous hotels and known restaurants in the Metro. If you’re a fan of healthy and sustainable living, you will definitely enjoy this place.


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Special Thanks to our friends over at Ford Philippines for setting up this Farm adventure with the super Ford Ranger!

Costales Nature Farm

Bgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna