COSMETOLOGIE 2013 Fashion Forecasts



COSMETOLOGIE 2013 Fashion Forecasts
    The Philippine International Cosmetologists Association (PICA) , in partnership with PepGroup, Inc, presents the second installment of this year’s Cosmetologie 2013, on Monday September 23 at the World Trade Center.
    Fashion Forecasts: The Beauty, Wellness & Trends Expo, will integrate the annual Harmony of Colors with emphasis on latest trends and beyond, in the beauty and fashion industry, according to PICA founder Fanny Serrano. 
    With local and international judges for the hair & make up competition, Cosmetologie 2013 will also bring in renowned stylist Kohsuke Ueno and his Academy team from Tokyo, Japan, who will showcase the latest trends in cut,color, and style. 
    A spectacular Fashion Show also awaits the expo, conceptualized by Fanny Serrano with well-known models wearing creations by various designers.
    Exhibitors will come from a broad spectrum of the beauty industry including suppliers for salon, health and wellness. 
    For more information you may call 9297993/9280931 or email and like Cosmetologie 2013 on Facebook.
COSMETOLOGIE 2013 Fashion Forecasts