C.O.R.E. and Freewaters Bring Clean Water to El Nido, Palawan

Barangay Bucana in El Nido, Palawan is in dire need of improvement when it comes to their access to clean water. As of January 2017, the locale is already home to more than a thousand residents or over 270 families; so one can only imagine how those numbers have gone up in over a year. Sadly, these locals are devoid of a sustainable option for one of their most basic needs.

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The residents of Barangay Bucana try to survive by way of an existing water filtration system, but the catch is that they have to cough up 30 pesos per gallon. While the said amount isn’t an astronomical figure, a medium-sized family in a remote area where the livelihood options aren’t aplenty would possibly need more or less 5 gallons in less than a week just to satisfy their drinking needs.

However, clean water isn’t just required to quench thirst. It is also needed to prepare food and to maintain one’s hygiene. Imagine the money that locals spend to satisfy one of their basic and most important needs.

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As such, C.O.R.E. and Freewaters established a partnership with the Municipal and Local Governments of El Nido, Palawan and a non-government organization in the Philippine Business for Social Progress to address this challenge within the community. This project is also in line with the direction of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and in Freewaters’ thrust to provide clean drinking water across the globe.

CORE FreewatersOn Global World Water Day last March, a water system was turned over to Barangay Bucana in El Nido, Palawan by the Primer group of Companies through C.O.R.E. and Freewaters.

This isn’t the first rodeo for Freewaters in this particular challenge area. Back in 2016, the brand distributed 22 water filtration systems to Dipontian, Casiguran Aurora Province. The location was brimming with the potential to become a surfing haven, but tragedy struck the place and a typhoon had left its waters contaminated.

Lessons from the previous run were carried through and improvements were implemented in the establishment of Barangay Bucana’s water systems.

The water system project aims to provide potable tap water to the people within the area. Furthermore, a number of capable residents will be given ample training so that they can maintain the filtration systems themselves. The local government and non-government agency involved will also work hand in hand with the monitoring and evaluation of the project. The Primer Group of Companies will continue to look after the said community through periodic reports courtesy of the local entities tagged along.

This is a meticulously-planned strategy geared to improve the living condition in these remote communities while empowering the locals with the necessary tools and knowledge.