COOLATO Artisan Gelato: The Coolest In Handcrafted Gelato

Ice cream is well-loved in this tropical country. And the variations of ice cream are vast. But let me tell you more about a specific type of ice cream called Gelato. Its actually a familiar term already to most of us as we see it in malls, kiosks, and stores all around the city. But have you ever really stopped to think about what really makes it different from the ordinary ice cream we know?

Gelato is denser than ice cream, which means its silkier and softer.  The reason why is because it is 10-15% warmer than regular ice cream.

Now, are you ready for some damn good gelato?


There is this new ice cream store, located at the Cinema level of SM BF, and it offers a different twist to gelatos we have all come to love. While other gelatos are presented to you in displays in tubs, at Coolato, its is handcrafted and made right before your very eyes.


The gelato, with its flavours, are spread out unto a very cold flat surface, is mixed and rolled until it attains its optimum consistency.


It is made in single batches and therefore very fresh.  It is not frozen to begin with unlike the ice creams and gelato you see in scooping stations.


Served right away to you – talk about freshly frozen!  You can imagine how much flavour is still there as it only takes minutes, even seconds before it reaches your mouth. And the toppings are generous bonuses too!


Coolato does not use any artificial flavourings and stabilizers. The milk used is fresh with low fat content.  The cream base is prepared in a way to remove the water content – this gives the gelato “more body”.  And Coolato has less sugar – this is one that adds hardening to ice cream.

Coolato churning style prevents air from forming and getting in the mixture thats why its more dense.  Except for one flavour (called Cookie Monster), Coolato does not use artificial coloring.

Here’s some Mango, Cookies & Cream, Caramel Macchiato and Green Tea Matcha.  For the Mango flavour, fresh sweet ones were put on top and the gelato was really creamy. It has no hard crunchy ice crystals formed in freezers.  Cookies & Cream was ordered by my son and seems to be a hit among the kids because of the generous toppings of cookies & marshmallows.  Oh and the Caramel Macchiatto was pure love, just because of the hefty topping of freshly made caramel on it.  Green Tea Matcha was refreshing and full of flavour, unlike other ice creams where you only get a hint of flavour; this was full of it.


Fresh strawberries anyone?  There’s always something about fresh strawberries & gelato together that get me. It just hits fresh, healthy & yummy all at the same time.


There are more cool flavours to choose from like Banoffie pie, to Cookie Butter Crunch, Salted Caramel and Almond Joy.  Prices range from P120 – P150.


The interiors are really nice too with all sorts of quotes so you could enjoy your artisan gelato more.



There’s a lot of truth to ice-cream in this place don’t you think?


Not only that, since having sweets makes you want to have something salty after or to go with it, Coolato also offers snacks like hotdog sandwiches oozing with ingredients & hearty flavourful nachos.



Think of watching a movie at SM BF Paranque and having this as a treat too since its just outside the cinemas. With movies or without, trust me you’ll come out simply full & satisfied here.


Ice cream makes everything better, don’t you agree? Richer, fuller, with fresh toppings are a must in a gelato experience.  Having them freshly made right in front of you is something you should deserve too. Having Coolato is a simple & rewarding experience that can open you up to joys you never knew there was in ice cream.  Don’t miss out on it because there’s always room for Coolato Artisan Gelato!

Coolato Artisan Gelato

SM BF Cinema Level
Instagram : CoolatoArtisanGelato


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