COOL STUFF: Here’s A New Way to Turn Memorable Photos into Something New!

When we take photos—and I’m sure most of us take a lot of them—the farthest these images could get would probably be on a screen along with a bunch of other photos from a hundred of other people.

You can print out the most memorable photos you have and frame it up. Or you can discover new ways to memorialize your life’s unforgettable moments!


Ben & Bart, an online shop based in Manila that specializes in vintage products, gives us the option to let our photos light up our homes—literally!

ben and bart shadow box 3

Their shadow boxes recreate your chosen photo into an electronic lamp that makes use of intricately cut paper that creates shadows when the lamp is on. These shadow boxes will change the way you take photos and use indoor lamps.

ben and bart shadow box 2

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What’s amazing about these shadow boxes is how the photos are beautifully recreated. Even a night photo with a glittery night sky was made into a gorgeous lamp that does not only recreate an image but conveys the emotion and story behind the photo.

ben and bart shadow box 1

Ben & Bart doesn’t just immortalize photos, but now they also have a “card” that can play videos or photo slideshows (just like the moving pictures from Harry Potter, but made better with sound)!

It’s a great gift to your loved ones this holiday season. What makes these even better is that Ben & Bart also offers limited edition holiday gift boxes with your choice of how to memorialize special moments with these products.

With Ben & Bart, you can go way back and remember moments in new beautiful ways!

Ben & Bart