COOL! Cebu City claims to have first fully-integrated cashless payment system for mass transit and more!

In a way, the Philippines is undergoing a cashless payment revolution.

With more and more options for cashless payment along with the conveniences that it offers, many people are choosing this mode of payment.

Now, it sounds like an amazing news when we heard that Cebu City will be implementing a fully integrated cashless payment system for its mass transit system and more. According to Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena:

I am proud to announce that Cebu’s BRT will be the first mass transit system in the country to incorporate a fully integrated cashless payment system! Not only will you be able to use your BRT Card to pay for your fare, eventually you will be able to use it in convenience stores, supermarkets, taxis, gas stations, and even movies and restaurants.

The BRT Card will be faster to use than a credit card and more secure since no personal information other than your name is linked to your account. Theft is deterred since the card will also function as a photo ID and if lost, can be deactivated remotely through a website. For parents, you will be able to get a special card that tracks your children’s expenses and travel as well as gives you the ability to top up their cards remotely.

Top up of the BRT Card will be available from a website, ATMs, or any establishment that accepts it as payment. New personalized cards will be available at all major stations. Later on, a system will be developed that will allow you the option of using your smartphone in lieu of the card.

Even with and despite the best efforts of the man who emphasizes the “Presidential” more than the “assistant” part of his title along with his cohorts in the council, the first route for the BRT will be up in two years. With the BRT and the BRT Card, Cebu will be the first city in the country to have an integrated mass transit and payment system on par with that of Korea and Japan.

This is the future of Cebu. Tomorrow will be better than today 🙂

To know more about this, check out the slides below shared by Mayor Tommy via Facebook.

This announcement has raised many questions. A lot of people were asking questions by commenting on the mayor’s post. He sheds light on these questions and answers them back. Here are some of them.

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