Cooking just got easier with the country’s first meal kit delivery service!

Being a fresh graduate with very minimal knowledge of cooking and meal preparation, I’ve found it easier to succumb to fast food and expensive restaurants when it comes to my daily needs.

While eating out may be more convenient, it takes its toll on budget and health concerns. Of course, I’ve taken steps to try and balance my daily meals, but my limited skills and lack of a refrigerator make it a lot harder than usual.

Fortunately, there’s a web-based service that completely solves all of these problems altogether. U Cookin Philippines is the first meal kit delivery service in the country.

“Meal kits are boxes of pre-portioned ingredients that are ready for cooking. Each kit contains easy-to-follow instructions, depending on the recipe chosen.”

Upon receiving two meal kits from U Cookin, I experienced the life-changing convenience that it truly gives.

They currently have five recipes available. I chose to try the Honey Chicken and Country Pork Chop for my first meals.

The boxes came right at lunchtime, and I was delighted to see that all of the ingredients were all already pre-proportioned. No more measuring or tasting while cooking because it’s all ready.

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Plus, the instructions included were very straightforward and very easy to understand. Honestly, I just followed the directions without even trying to taste it or adjust the recipe because everything’s already taken care of. Just put it all in the pan when the instructions say so, and you’ve got yourself a good meal!

Anyone that can follow directions can easily cook a “gourmet” meal thanks to this new service. Also, the pre-proportioned ingredients help avoid any food waste. This scores huge points from us considering that I didn’t have a fridge to store excess ingredients, which is a problem I’ve been trying to solve for almost a year now.

U Cookin solves a whole lot of problems all in one meal kit, and it is revolutionary. You don’t even need to know how to cook! You can enjoy good and healthy food without having to shop or leave the comforts of your home thanks to U Cookin.

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