Convalescence: Action Towards Healing

It is no surprise that everyone has gone through so much this past year. From another surge in COVID-19 cases, to the recent superstorm that passed through the country– the hardships have seemed endless. Seeing our countrymen suffer through these struggles has only further awakened our need to help them heal. For 40 years, Asian Medical Students’ Association – Philippines (AMSA-Phil) has maintained its role in creating means by which Filipino medical students to become agents of social change in pursuit of better healthcare in our country. With the advent of technology and online events, we have proven that physical distance need not be a barrier to working together towards greater change.

Asian Medical Students’ Association – Philippines Convalescence

After the deluge of challenges brought upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic, among many other things, we at AMSA-Phil believe that what we need most right now is to recover. Convalescence can be defined as recuperation, which is exactly what we want to achieve this year. Guided by our core values, knowledge, action and friendship, AMSA-Phil aims to be a dependable organization for its members as we continue to move our efforts towards healing, by promoting an avenue for active participation in current health and social issues in our country. We amplify our efforts and serve as a platform for healing and advocacy through capacity building in transforming aspiring physicians to be leaders of the future.

Theis a non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-profitable national medical student organization, with 23 member organizations and nearly 4,000 members. As an advocacy organization, AMSA-Phil is dedicated to inculcating greater awareness and deeper understanding of critical issues affecting health and the healthcare system. It also strives to instill social responsibility and to harness the potential of Filipino youth in effecting positive change in society as future physicians and leaders of the community. AMSA-Phil is also the country’s sole representative to two of the largest international medical student organizations: the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) and the Asian Medical Students’ Association – International (AMSA-I).

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