Contemporary R&B solo artist dred. drops new song “MASAYA”

Known by his peers for his frontman chops in his pop punk band End Street; who has songs like Sandali Lang and 31 under his belt, Symoun has had a shift of character with his solo venture “dred.” His new song “MASAYA” is his second release and has kept that lofi beat take, far from his pop rock roots. Highly inspired by RUSSEL!, LANY and Nate Ruess, it’s a mix of mild rap and mild singing, that focuses on storytelling. The song talks about the struggles of breakups and the difficulties of moving on, and how much it leaves the burden of it onto the one who was left behind. With lines like “Kakayanin ko kasi kinaya mo” and “Malulunod nanaman ba ako sa mga alaala mo?”, it really is a close look into the dark void of any relationship that has ever ended.

As for Symoun himself, his aim with “dred.” is to keep his mind at check during this whole pandemic – we all have to find something to keep us busy, to keep us sane. A sound engineer of Tower of Doom Studios, who has worked with bands like Chicosci, Valley of Chrome, Greyhoundz, Kamikazee and Gloc-9 – Symoun has personally written, produced, tracked, mixed and mastered all of his pieces in dred. and all of his band End Street’s material. On one of his posts in dred. he mentioned “I have no grand plan with whatever this is. I just want to use this platform to showcase my music outside of the usual pop punk area I’m in. I just hope some would like it.” and based on the thousand views and hundred subscriptions overnight, it looks like some do find dred. worthy of a listen.

Here’s his song “MASAYA”

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