Container Turf’s Happy Hour Specials on Weekdays Will Quench Your Thirst

Just when you thought Container Turf was already the perfect go-to place for all of your food trip and alcohol-loving needs, they have come to announce weekday promos that you probably won’t be able to resist (I know I didn’t – I went there on Monday, right after I found out :p).

In case you haven’t heard of the place, Container Turf is this huge ‘food park’ situated in BF Homes, Paranaque that consists of three whole floors of different food stalls. Food aside, however, they also have a long drink stall called the Swig & Guzzle Bar, where you can satisfy all of your drinking needs.

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Now, Swig and Guzzle is offering happy hour promos during their Sunset Sessions on weekdays that everybody who loves and frequents Container Turf are sure to enjoy. They have different promos available every weekday, so make sure you check them all out!

Mojito Mondays

Mondays, 4pm to 6pm

Buy 1, Take 1 Mojito

You’ll be glad to hear that their mojitos aren’t watered down nor are they overflowing with mint leaves, either.

Margarita Tuesdays

Tuesdays, 4pm to 6pm

Buy 1 Take 1 Margarita

Love margaritas? Try all of the flavors available at Container Turf on Tuesdays, where you can buy one and get one free. Lots of time for you to try all of their flavours and figure out which one will be your ultimate favorite and ultimate go-to for Margarita Tuesdays from here on out!

Swig Bowl of the Day

Mondays to Wednesdays, 4pm to 6pm

From Mondays to Wednesdays, you can enjoy this huge swig bowl for only Php100! The last time I had one, four of us had to share it because we were so full of the food; so trust me when I say that this will be 100 pesos worth spending!

Jack and Coke Night Cap Weekday

Mondays to Thursdays, 9pm to 11pm

Buy 2 for only Php180

If you’d prefer a night cap instead of drinking early, you can look forward to a duo of Jack and Coke for only Php180 from Mondays to Thursdays. Whether this mix is your favorite for a full night of drinking or just as a quick night cap, this promo is perfect for you.

Jack and Coke Float for Php180 

To up the ante, they also have a brand new Jack and Coke float available: your favorite Jack and Coke with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top – yum! A night cap and dessert in one? Yes, please!

Container Turf


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