LOOK: Container Turf Has 20 New Dishes You Should Try

10. Champo-Loko

Love champorado? Don’t miss Tsoko Loko’s Champo-Loko, which is our favorite champorado topped with bangus strips for that perfect sweet-and-maalat combo that everybody loves about breakfast champorado in the first place.

9. White Choco Bacon Mess

Bacon and white chocolate? Yes, please!!!

8. Tsoko Chicken Adobo

7. Tsoko Pork Roast

6. Chedcream Bites

For other delicious snacks to munch on, check out Tyler’s. If you love cheese, then these Chedcream Bites would be perfect for you.

5. Spam Musubi

If you love Spam, on the other hand, try Tyler’s Spam Musubi!

4. Boodle Fest Set

For a different take on a boodle fest, check out Smoked. Their Boodle Fest Set consists of the best of our Filipino street food, including barbecue, isaw, and even betamax.

3. Kare-Kareng Bagnet

You can never go wrong with kare-kare and you can never go wrong with bagnet. Put both together and you’ve got this flavourfully delicious Kare-kareng Bagnet at Bagwings!

2. Ichiban Platter

If the gang is craving for fried tempura, order Tokyo Tempura’s Ichiban Platter. Good for sharing, it’s got the best kinds of fried goodness. The best part? It comes with right – the perfect Pinoy twist to this Japanese platter.

1. Poke Bowls

Yes, Poke Bowls have finally made it to BF Homes, thanks to Okawari by Chef Broosy. They’ve got all sorts of flavors, including Dynamite Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Kani Salad, and Spicy Tuna – all of which are so unforgettably good, I went back the following day for more!

So, what are you waiting for? Get the barkada or your family together and try out these new dishes at Container Turf soon!

Container Turf

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