[GIVEAWAY ALERT] Contadina x Nigella: Daphne, Stephanie, and JP’s Takes On Nigella Recipes That You Can Try At Home

Last September 6, renowned TV presenter Nigella Lawson was in the Philippines for a very special reason — Nigella was the country’s brand ambassador for Contadina, the newest line of premium culinary products, by the makers of Del Monte!

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Nigella, who has sold over 10 million copies of her cook books worldwide, learned her ways in the kitchen through experiencing the world around her. “I am not a chef”, she said, “I am not even a trained or professional cook. My qualification is as an eater.”


Foodies Jin Perez, Nicole Ortega and Rica de Jesus pose at one of Contadina’s home kitchens!


Spotted: Bianca King and chef Florabel Co

Chefs and foodies gathered round as they listened to Nigella talk about her cooking philosophy, her favorite culinary techniques and why she enjoyed using Contadina!

Learning through experience in Italy, Nigella has learned to only use the best ingredients, as the richness in fresh and quality produce like olives and tomatoes can make such a big difference in cooking. This goes hand in hand with Contadina, with its range of premium products known for its authentic Mediterranean heritage.


Nigella is known for doing simple yet elegant dishes that are easy to replicate by anyone at home! Putting their own twists on some of Nigella’s signature recipes, Stephani Zubiri, Daphne Oseña-Paez, and JP Anglo showcased some of their home cooking, with guests eager to participate in the cooking. Perfect for home entertaining or for even just making dinnertime more interesting, here are their takes on Nigella’s dishes that you can try for yourself!

3. Stephanie Zubiri – Penne alla Norma


Penne alla Norma is classic dish from Sicily in Italy where Nigella learned to cook pasta, and is a dish that is simple to make. Using the Contadina Penne and Contadina Pure Olive Oil, Stephanie took it to the other side of the Mediterranean, spicing it up with a Moroccan twist! Aside from the usual eggplant, tomatoes, and feta, Stephanie replaced the chili with Harissa, an African-Moroccan chili paste, and added some Middle Eastern spices. Normally a vegetable dish, Stephanie also chucked in some lamb. The result? A creative and flavorful take on a Sicilian dish, dressed up with strong herbs and spices. Stephanie’s version won the award for most creative twist at the Contadina event.

2. Daphne Oseña Paez – Chicken alla Cacciatore


Yet again another Italian dish that is easy to replicate at home, Chicken alla Cacciatore is a dish that relies on the freshness of its own ingredients to lend flavor. Cooking the chicken pieces beforehand to cut time in half, Daphne first sautéed pancetta cubes, sliced scallions and chopped rosemary in Contadina Pure Olive Oil, before adding in chicken and stirring them in. After that, Daphne poured in red wine, letting it bubble before adding in tomatoes (Contadina Diced Tomatoes and Contadina Stewed Tomatoes) and bay leaves, then put on a lid to simmer, before adding in beans. And voila: a one-pot dish made in just under 20 minutes. This easy meal won the most Instagram-worthy dish of the event.

1. JP Anglo – Nigella’s Squid Spaghetti


Using Contadina Spaghetti and Contadina Olive Oil, Chef JP Anglo flexed his culinary prowess and added in his signature Filipino style on Nigella’s squid spaghetti. Instead of using white wine, Chef JP poured in white rum, lending a slightly more nuanced flavor. He also added kesong puti and queso de bola, emerging as the best recipe using Contadina products.


Nigella’s link to the Contadina brand is clear: as she likes to say, “Maximum flavor, minimum effort.” With these premium products sourced from the best regions in the world, it takes only few ingredients and passion to create great-tasting food. And with Contadina, it’s home cooking taken to the next level.

Contadina will be available in supermarkets on October 7!


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