Conservo Luggage Covers: Your Luggage’s New Travel Buddy

When in Manila , and fond of travelling, then you know the real deal struggles of booking a flight, waking up extra early to avoid traffic and reach NAIA on time, and lastly, the paranoia of bringing a luggage that may be damaged during the flight.  That’s where Conservo luggage covers comes in. 


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I have these two small  luggages at home that looks pretty basic…


wheninmanila-conservo luggage covers (2)

but when they’re all convered in Conservo’s luggage covers, they instantly look stylish! 


However, having a stylish-looking luggage isn’t the main purpose of Conservo (even if it does that effortlessly). Its main purpose according to the word’s Latin etymology means “to protect” or “to conserve”. It is the perfect representation of what the Conservo covers do – to protect your luggage from stains, scratches, and scrapes.

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It covers and protects the whole luggage through its quality stretch fabric and cool designs 


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It also fits quite nicely to your luggages!


To clothe and protect your luggages is what Conservo is all about. This where the owner got the idea: “Whenever my husband and I travel, it takes a while before we spot our luggage in the airport conveyor belt. Specific to our Hong Kong trip early last year, we noticed one luggage in the conveyor belt wrap in cling wrap. So we thought, why not explore using a cover that’s more durable to protect the luggage? That idea got us started.”


They officially started 4th quarter of last year and now they’re selling like pancakes with customers such as the googlygooeys,  Vince Uy and Vanna Garcia.


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The production of Conservo luggage covers are done abroad but they’re still pretty affordable.


The fabric, band and buttons that we Conservo uses give PROTECTION to the luggage on all sides. The variety of  designs cater to different types such as romantic or posh, tribal or boho, and quirky travelers. Whatever type of traveler you are, there’s a Conservo luggage cover to add FLAIR to your travel. More so, Conservo luggage covers are very affordable, making this a travel MUST-HAVE for all wanderlusts!


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They come in 4 different sizes that suit all your luggages!

➡️ Small (P750.00)

➡️ Medium (P850.00)

➡️ Large (P950.00)

➡️ Extra Large (P1050.00)


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Before you go all cynical, there are advantages of using luggage covers.


Your luggage  needs the same amout of TLC we give to our mobile phones,gadgets and other belongings. Covering up your luggage protects it from external hazards. Moreover, it makes your luggage distinct and easily identifiable at the airport.


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With Conservo, my luggages look stylish, are kept protected, and distinct!


Being a smart and chic traveler need not be expensive. Conservo luggage cover is one travel essential that will definitely give your luggage the protection and style it needs, making your travel less worrisome and more worthwhile.


wheninmanila-conservo luggage covers (9)

 These are Conservo’s current luggage designs and I’m eyeing on these 2 for my next purchase!


Know more about Conservo and order yours today!





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