Conscious PH: Conscious Living For The Earth And The Body

Last year caused such a drastic change in our lifestyle that many of us had no choice but to reevaluate our ways of living. If you’ve decided to live more consciously, here’s a local brand that can help make it easier.

Conscious PH is a start-up that’s devoted to promoting consciousness about our environment but also the consciousness of ourselves. They are an online business venture that started with the intention of helping our environment by creating products that are stylish and long-lasting.

Photo from Conscious PH

In promoting conscious living for both ourselves and the environment, Conscious PH offers products that help you do both!

They’ve got a line of blended loose leaf teas that can help you live healthier. Each tea concoction has a certain benefit—from detoxification to sleeping better to staying alert and awake! Price starts at PHP 185 for 30 grams.

Photo from Conscious PH

“Most of our blended loose leaf teas are caffeine-free. We believe that drinking tea is a healthy substitute for coffee,” shares Conscious PH.

Since health is definitely wealth especially in these times, we love how simple things such as premium loose leaf teas can make a huge difference.

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Photo from Conscious PH

Conscious PH also offers pretty tea infuser mugs that are must-haves in your kitchen! They say that these mugs are a good alternative to reduce the usage of tea bags for seeping tea.

Photo from Conscious PH

And staying true to practicing what they preach, they even use eco-friendly materials for their packaging. They also offer beautiful gift boxes that would be perfect for sending to your friends and family.

Want to take that step towards conscious living? Let Conscious PH help you!

Conscious PH

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