Conclave 2018

Dungeons and Dragons is a pop-culture phenomenon. Now is your chance to immerse yourself in the legendary roleplaying game that has enthralled millions across the globe. On its third year, Conclave is bigger with more activities to see and do for two full days at iAcademy! Join us this February 17-18, 2018, Saturday and Sunday, for the most epic D&D convention experience to happen in the country to date, with rewards, surprises and more in store:

  • D&D AL sessions. Live and roam the great continent of Faerun in the world of forgotten realms thru D&D organized play! Team up with adventurers, both new and old, as you Journey through the realms of fame treasure, experience, and power.
  • D&D workshops. Get introduced and learn more about the phenomenal world-famous D&D roleplaying game! Listen to seminars and participate in workshops that not only introduces newbies to D&D but also welcomes veterans to more insights from the game.
  • D&D boardgames. Sit around, stay awhile, and explore D&D in even more ways beyond the usual roleplaying game! Play adventures and win challenges in the Underdark, Waterdeep, and many other famous places in the D&D universe with other players or even against them.
  • Fai Chen. The Human Monk, Fai Chen (and his faerie dragon Drandeldew) sets sail for the tropical island of Chult! Visit the flamboyant sampan at the port for a chance to trade magic items with other adventurers and purchase items from Fai Chen himself.
  • Art corner. Get your visual and artistic fix at the corner set up just for you! Have your player characters and their many adventurers immortalized in various prints and sketches to choose from by skilled artists and creators.
  • D&D AL epics. Pit your characters against the greatest challenges they would ever face in their lifetimes! Unite with other adventurers as you tackle grand missions and defeat great foes, both threatening the very way of life in the Chultan peninsula and in the whole island.

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